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Ice Flower CAL preview!

Hello my beautiful crochet enthusiasts!

As promised, I’m currently making a CAL. I wanted to show you guys/gals a little preview, so you know what you’ll be making!

imag0858_1_1 Doorgaan met lezen “Ice Flower CAL preview!”

My Creations, random updates

More Wool Diaper Covers!

Hello again,

A while ago I posted about a cute wool diaper cover I’d made. Recently I got some more pure wool and I made some more!

imag1175_1 Doorgaan met lezen “More Wool Diaper Covers!”

My Creations, random updates

Update: Pixie hat and capelet


Some time ago I posted about a nice new design I’m working on. So here’s an update!

Now, I’ve been doing other stuff as well, about which I will also write some posts during the course of this week, but let’s look at this design I’m working on first:

Doorgaan met lezen “Update: Pixie hat and capelet”

My Creations, random updates

A new design (finally!)

Hello dear people who are currently reading this,

As you may know, I’ve not been posting much recently. The main reason for that is that I was feeling absolutely exhausted! I blamed it on my winter depression and being 34 weeks pregnant, but it turns out I had a bit of anaemia…

That really explained everything. I now take some kind of iron supplement and since I have it, I feel so much better! So now, finally, I had a new idea for a project. Doorgaan met lezen “A new design (finally!)”